Terms & Conditions of Piano Forte School of Music and Art


  1. Timings: The school works from Monday to Saturday from 10:00am till 7:00pm. The school remains closed on Sundays and on all National and Publics holidays like Republic day, Independence day, Gandhi Jayanti, Holi, Diwali, Christmas etc. No extra classes will be given in lieu of such holidays.
  2. Fee: Fee for every month has to be paid in advance by the 5thday of the month.  Late fee penalty of INR 50 per day will be levied on the delayed fee.  PF School does not consider refund of the fee once paid.
  3. Entitlement:  Against the submitted full month’s fee, the student is entitled to receive 4 individual instrumental classes and 4 group theory classes in that month.  If the student has enrolled for more than one discipline (instruments), he/she will not have to pay for theory classes for the additional discipline/s.
  4. Make-up / Missed classes: If the student misses the class due to the absence of the teacher, Make-up class will be provided to him/her by the main or the alternate teacher.  If the student remains absent on the day of the class and misses it, no make-up class will be provided by the school.
  5. Workshops, Lectures or Concerts arranged by the school for the benefit and evaluation of the students will be treated as regular classes and will be counted in lieu of the regular scheduled classes.
  6. Accountability of the school: The school will not be responsible for loss of any article or property belonging to the student, brought by him/her to the school.  The school does not take any responsibility of child coming to and leaving the school. The parents have to take all the necessary measures to safely drop and pick up minor child from the school.  Students are liable to pay for any damage caused by them to the property of the school including the music instrument.
  7. Publication of photos, audio and video material:  The school randomly photographs or makes videos of the student while teaching and places the material on its website or uses it in its publications for promotional purposes. No compensation will be provided to the student or his/her family for such usage. However, such material/information can be removed from the publication on the request of the parents, in whatever time it would take technically and practically to do so.
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