Ripple Baruah, A motivated and detailed conscious musician who believes in inspiring through music and enjoys working within a team environment together with the challenge of carrying through individual tasks which has been experienced throughout the course of learning in life.

Proficient in playing Guitar, Drums, Contemporary Singing, Recording and Composing Music.  Plays western, contemporary, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Hindi, semi-classical.  Cleared Grade 8 from Trinity College (London).

Taught at Decbel Academy of Music, Rouble’s Guitar School & Pathways Gurgaon.  Gave many workshops on developing musical ear and understanding elements of music at various International schools and colleges.  Played with eminent personalities includingKavitaKrishnamurti, L S Subramanium, Abhishek Ray, Pandit Ravi Shankar and Usha Utthap.

He has gained a reputation for delivering quality service by imparting musical education in a systematic manner to infuse the elements of music (i.e. melody, harmony, beat/meter, pitch, rhythm, texture, timbre etc.) in students by ways of reading, writing, ear training, understanding history etc. which has significantly contributed to the lives of his students who are getting opportunities of becoming professional musicians as performers, teachers, producers.

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