Nadya Balyan (Director, Solfeggio, Theory of Music & Piano Teacher)

Nadya Balyan, was born in the city of Tula in Russia.  Nadya Balyan is a pass out of Moscow State University of Art & Culture and holds Master’s degree in Piano & Choir Conduction.  She also holds a Bachelor of Music Major degree in Music education with emphasis on Choral Conduction from the college of Music by the name of Dorogomizhskovo, Russia.   She is a multi-tasking person, working with Neemrana Music foundation as Choir Conductor for western Classical music.  She has also worked with Delhi Chamber Choir as Choir Conductor for western Classical music and as the Director of La-academia de Musica, New Delhi.  Under her conduction, Choirs have performed in many popular events like Delhi Art festivals; in a number of Operas with performers of International fame in many cities of India and in Paris in special events organized by European Union and also at the House of the President of India.

In the past, she worked at the Russian Cultural center, New Delhi, where in her personal capacity. she organized the music school and worked as the Director of the School.  In addition to teaching piano, she also organized an all women choir which presented several concerts in Kamani auditorium, Delhi.

Before coming to India in 2007, she has been conducting various choirs of different age groups in Music school by the name of Tchaekovsky in Russia.  Her expertise is in development of Ear for music and in Positioning of singing voice.  NadyaBalyan, an engaged and determined teacher, with sheer talents and self-less dedication, continues to successfully steer the students into their musical journey.   She has a zest for sharing her passion for all things musical.  She holds a strong belief that music can change lives for the better.  She seeks to equip students with the performance, composition and theoretical skills that will excel them no matter which path they take in music.

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